Triton Seafood Co.

Pre Cooked Conch Fritters

With the exquisite flavor of the old Caribbean recipes, NEPTUNES CONCH FRITTERS are unique among today's synthetically altered foods. Containing no additives or preservatives, they are produced from the firm white meat of the Caribbean Queen Conch (Strombus Gigas) and all natural ingredients. Created under the highest quality standards and with only the finest ingredients available, they make the perfect addition to any menu. Table tents are available.


Fillet of Conch, Onions, Wheat Flour, Milk, Bell Pepper, Eggs, Garlic, Salt, Black Pepper, Lime Juice, and Hot Pepper Sauce. Cooked in 100% vegetable oil.


DO NOT FRY PRODUCT WHILE FROZEN. For best results, thaw product overnight in refrigerator. Fryer: Fry in a clean fryer at 350 degrees for approximately 2-3 minutes. Oven: Preheat 350° Bake 3-4 minutes.


The product is precooked in the traditional round shape, and portioned at approximately .65 ounces per fritter.


Food Service: It is packed IQF in plastic bags containing 125 units each. Each case contains 2 bags, or a total of 250 fritters.
Retail: It comes packed in plastic bags containing 15 units or 50 units.